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I've seen it in Korea. Will answer any questions to those curious.

It's a niche audience but I can't be the only one who's a fan.


I want to see it very badly.
Tell me about it.
Did you enjoy it? Why?


what in the tent?

Season's Greetings


The lighthouse, or a shining penis if you will.


Do you happen to know the name of the song that is playing at the end while she's walking away with the umbrella and the credits roll? Or a way I could have access to it? :)


I see it's been 4 years since your offer (!) but maybe you can answer some of our questions (we saw this on Netflix last nite).

On the surface, this looks like 3 rather thin stories about romantic rendezvous in a seaside town. But we guessed that what the movie is REALLY about is the nature of fiction writing. What we are seeing is 3 different drafts of a story written by the author character that we see between episodes. Are we totally off base here?

Are there things about Korean society that we're missing that would help us understand what's going on here?

Why does the lifeguard repeatedly deny knowing where the lighthouse is? It's only a short walk from his tent, he must know where it is.

Is the lighthouse intended as a rather clumsy phallic symbol put into the story by the rather naive author-character? Is it an homage to the narrative issues in Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse?

In the second story, we see Anne sitting near the lighthouse. But later she doesn't know where it is and asks the lifeguard (who doesn't know either!). And while she is sitting there, her boyfriend Mun suddenly appears to surprise here. But later, it appears that he wasn't there at all. What???? Or did we see a discarded page of the draft?

In all 3 versions, Anne goes off to town to shop with her neighbor, and the neighbor mysteriously disappears before they get to town. Is there some sort of symbolism or narrative trick here?

In the second story, Anne has lost her cell phone and it's in the lifeguard's tent. Did she just lose it (and he found it)? Or had she dallied with the lifeguard while waiting for Mun (off screen)?

What are we to make of the fact that all 3 versions involve a movie director (someone who depicts and alters reality)?