Really good movie

Loved it. Whole theatre was laughing out loud. Very charming and enjoyable watch. Hart and Cranston worked well with each other.

Yes it was originally a French film (based on a true story) but who cares? I don't want to watch a movie in a lnguage I don't understand. Don't want to bother with subtitles. This movie is a language I understand and more relatable as its set in NYC. Definitely will watch it again.


I agree... I just saw this movie recently and thought it was really good. I liked too that it was a feel-good movie because I was just bracing myself for the old guy dying or something bad happening to him lol. But I liked how the movie ended on a GOOD note. :)

The chemistry btwn Hart and Cranston was good indeed. It was believable in that they didn't just start off being the best of friends. It took time and understanding. I really enjoyed it.