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This movie is total waste of time!

You would need to invest days, perhaps weeks, to find another movie this falsely advertised, with Plot Synopsis having so little to do with actual movie. I truly feel sorry for anybody unfortunate enough to have been subjected to viewing this garbage. Watching this movie might become new popular torture in Guantanamo Bay Clones.

Peter Slack, the "Executive producer" claims he did NOT write Plot Summary, but he still chose to put it as credited to himself, then threatens with defamation suits for mentioning it in my review.

He even managed to get my review for this garbage deleted. Which just says IMDB bots are easily abusable and stupid. I filed complaint and have not heard from IMDB mods yet. This movie might make few more sales without honesty such as found in my review here, but I took time to make a post on my Facebook about it and copy it there.

I would have also posted it on MetaCritic but this movie sucks so bad its not even listed there when i looked. If it gets listed, I'll be there, giving it a 1.

If you value your time, dont bother with this crap.