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Peter Slack keeps having negative reviews deleted! This movie is garbage

First of all, this movie is nothing but waste of time garbage. I have
seen dozen indie movies just this year already that were made on
severely lower budget than this movie that would earn at least a 5
here. This movie deserves LOWER than 1.

When that is combined with fact that Peter Slack, Executive Producer of
this garbage, is harassing and having deleted honest low score reviews
of this trash, and has purchased 50+ positive reviews that all voted
this movie a 10 to raise its actual score from 1.8 to 3.8 real score
should be in negatives.

Watch this movie if you enjoy torturing yourself, or are suffering from
insomnia. If you respect yourself pass on this garbage. Plot Summary
uploaded by Peter Slack (but NOT written by him as it becomes obvious
when reading anything written by him, Peter Slack speaks English worse
than if it was his third language), and this 10 star reviw, written by
his real life girlfriend (actually one of those failed actresses thats
with him because he keeps her movie stardom hopes alive), is also
complete lie and has nothing to do with this movie.

Heres ACTUAL review of this trash:

Let me save you couple hours of your life. Bad guy (BG) has his wife
cheat on him with Guy 1. She hires Guy 2 to kill BG. She tells BG's
father. His father tells BG what is going on. BG kills his father, for
no apparent reason whatsoever. BG goes up to Guy 1 and Guy 2 and tells
them to kill each other. Then BG proceeds to play Russian Roulette with
his wife, which ends with him killing himself. In meantime two
incompetents, Guy 1 and Guy 2, kill each other, again for no reason at
all, as they already agreed not to kill each other. There are no actual
action scenes, its all left to imagination. Total waste of time. If I
want to use my imagination last thing I need is this movie.

My summary is lot better than actual movie plays out. Whoever did cuts,
positioned them into a jumbled mess, back and forth in time, but to say
it was done badly is understatement.For example of movie that actually
did it correctly, watch Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino. The only possible
reason anybody should watch this movie is to see how NOT to do it.


I was interested to read your post. I started watching this film, but never bothered to finish - it just didn't grab me.

So I logged on to IMDb and Amazon to check out the reviews, just to see if I was missing something.

If you look at the (region 2, European) DVD reviews on Amazon, they're all four or five star ratings.

Until I read your post I seriously thought I must have severely missed something. Now I'm a little sceptical about the Amazon reviews.



Testament to how bad and undeserving of its current 4.2 rating this movie is, is simply taking a look at how few people actually bothered to come here and write a review and how DEAD this message board section is.

I guess Peter Slack got tired of removing all negative reviews as theres two 1 star reviews still there.

Amazon reviews have one advantage compared to IMDB reviews. To write review on Amazon you must purchase product you are reviewing right there, from Amazon. So while reviews on those 99 cent books are mostly fake, you do not see as many fake reviews on 40 dollar blue ray or more expensive items. Since this particular movie is cheap movie that was selling at UK gas stations, and nearly immediately went into discount bins, I would place serious doubt about anybody not involved directly with this movie ever being willing to give it nice review.

To see what is really going on, I always recommend reading negative reviews first, then gradually moving towards positive ones.