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Great aside from Paxton's last ridiculous scene.

Bill Paxton is an inconsistent actor. He tends to be serviceable and rather good if the film is a campy one. If the film calls for any subtlety at all, like this miniseries, then he is inadequate. He's not a naturalistic actor and telegraphs all of his acting decisions with inexplicable vocal delivery. His final scene in this film nearly ruins what has come before it. Talk about a hilariously bad acting job from this man.


I blame the director and editing department, too.

They would've seen that scene. They would've known it was terrible.

Why didn't they just say, "no, we're cutting that"?


I loved Paxton in this series. The last scene was based on how his character actually did die from catching fire, as an old 88 year old man, alone and bitter.



He was an old crazy old man in real life. That's how Paxton played it


I'm a fan of Paxton's. In terms of subtlety he was fine in Titanic, Tombstone and other movies.

I do agree though here that his acting seemed off. A lot of times he's just staring off into space, or staring at the floor. And drinking. Scenes where he was trying to act intoxicated seemed over the top.

And, yup, that last scene was bad.

I think part of the problem was the editing... the scene just comes out of nowhere with no context. It had a very tacked-on feel.

One minute we're in 1988, the next we're in 1914 and he's bitterly shoving old photos and paperwork into the fireplace. Why in 1914 and not anytime in the previous sixteen years? Did some sudden event trigger this reaction? We don't know.