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Criminally Underrated on IMDB

I almost let the 6.1 rating deter me from purchasing this film, but a friend strongly urged me to give it a try anyway. I'm so glad I did!

The two lead actresses were absolutely phenomenal, the plot was original and macabre, the pacing was perfect, and the cinematography was poetically beautiful.

You will either love this film or hate it. It is visually eccentric, horrific in parts, but also manages to feel like a family drama sitcom as well. I honestly haven't enjoyed an eccentric film this much since Donnie Darko.

A very solid film: 8/10.


Criminally and tragically underrated. I gave it a 10, which I rarely do. Not to try to balance things out, that's futile, I just thought it was a stunning and basically perfect piece.

As well as being the kind of disturbing that doesn't leave you.

I love you, John. But you're a pussy.



Hah! I literally JUST wrote a post about how I sometimes round off my score half a point up or down from where I think it actually is, according to where its overall score is compared to where I think it should be, so this for me was a 7.5, but I scored it an 8, precisely to "balance things out" - obviously, I'm not that much of a fool to think that my one point would make a difference - it's always going to be a drop in the ocean - but it's my way of rebelling against the inflexible imdb scoring system - they should definitely offer half-points at least! (Yeah, I know, I'm James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. ;))

Besides all that, my scoring can actually sometimes fluctuate even from day to day, depending on some possibly not altogether objective factors, like mood - in fact, your nicely put, concise reasoning has convinced me it really does deserve the full 8! So fickle! :) - and over the years, obviously experience has forced me to reconsider and adjust some of my past scores too. I wonder how many people go back and revise their older scores. If they were honest and cared, everybody would.

"It's too late... Always has been, always will be...
Too late."


I give it 10\10 loved how weird it was. also even if she was suppose to look ugly. Pauline still looked hot to me

Rob Zombie is one of the greatest directors today


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