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It's the ending that is the key!!

I bought a new TV yesterday and decided to christen it with "Excision". I hadnt watched it in about six months - I was curious as to what Id think about it now. I thoroughly enjoyed it again. Really good acting. Nice bits of humor. I liked the way the story developed - also liked the sort of "American Beauty" sarcasm towards AMerican suburban life. But its the ending that puts it over the top. That last scene between Pauline and her mother is INTENSE. The chilling scream by the mother, fade to black and then the credits roll with eerie music in the background. Hard not to keep thinking about it. It raises this movie from just good to terrific in my view. Love to hear some takes......


The ending scene is amazing. I don't even know who of them screams - I saw it as Pauline mimicking the screams of the mother. As if they are suddenly revealed as a grotesquely connected life form.

PS: Sorry this topic is a bit old already. Can I get an STD from thread necro?


Hahahahahaha! "Can I get an STD from thread necro?" - hands down, fave comment of 2016.
Pure brilliance! Made my day.

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