DVD release, when how ?

anyone know when and how this movie will be released on dvd ?


It's a porn film I think. I'm a gay man; but I'm pretty sure it's a weird straight-man porno. Just watched it, kind of. Lot of obvious porn actors looking around and blinking.


He left a note. He left a simple little note that said "I've gone out the window."


This isn't a porn film so why say it is? And why claim you watched it?

There is a porn actress in this movie doing her first "mainstream" role which happens to be about a porn actress trying to move away from porn business and start over. Its being marketed as a cross between "Martyrs" and "I Spit on your grave" though its not a horror movie(?)

Anyway,it should be available now as I am watching it tonight, I don't know if its good or bad. If I have time, Ill try an write a review tomorrow.