Crazy as a *beep* House Rat

I just wanted to label someone with that phrase....but,he is a brilliant drummer-


Yes, he is a crazy *beep* but aren't we all Glad?!?! I'm Glad, I'm Glad, I'm Glad

This film is great. I grew up with Cream and still love them...


He wouldn't be a great drummer without the crazy. The crazy is one of the ingredients. You got to go with what Johnny Rotten says at the end. Great doc.

Erik Lehnsherr: You want society to accept you, but you can't even accept yourself.



When a promoter hired THE CREAM Ginger wanted a case of beer, 2 Black HOOKER$ & a white limo or he would not play.

The "Wild Man" former $uper$tar now lives with a SHAPELY & NAUGHTY teenage(18yrsold)Hospital Receptionist in a country mansion after he ditched Spouse of 20yrs.

MAX ROACH:"Jesus Ginger plays like a Wigger(oops)[email protected]@er!!!"

--- --- ---
"I've never had any1 do this for me & I hope & pray that he keeps me around."---contestant on ROCK OF LOVE with Bret Michaels

"^^^Karr"USCHI" Tran^^^"---concubine on THUG OF LOVE with CMB


LOL. Wonder what Ginger would have done if they had sent him 2 white hookers & a black limo.