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Great adaptation of the most dark graphic novel of Thor

The stylized animation from the original graphic novel designers, gives the adult and dark factor that this story deserves to maintain. Comparing this animation to the tipical Marvel animations is a bit unfair, is like comparing a comic book with a graphic novel, in fact THIS IS an animated graphic novel (like those short episodes of Watchmen). The lack of action on this series will be point of desapointment for some, but the story is more richer, in a literature point of view.
We see Sif and Thor, prisoners in the dungeons of the Odin's palace, and Loki rulling Asgard, without we knowing what happen before that. Only the Loki's dialogues an thoughts can give us clues about what really happen and what are the real intentions to his family and Asgard. It's a must for truly Marvel Thor fans.


watching this now. seems pretty good.

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