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Close your eyes... (To go to American, turn to page 376)

This was an amazing series. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started so I rewatched the first episode a couple times to solidify the characters and tone because it's obvious from the start that things are shifting so you can't just rely on context to understand the plot(at least not until later).

After I got myself in a productive headspace to experience the series, it was a great ride. I've read a lot of "Too Slow" reviews, but as someone who can enjoy films from before the era of John Hughes, I understand something called "Pacing." This series is a journey; your don't take a well-planned journey as fast as possible, you savor it. That being said: not every trip is for everyone.

***(Spoilers below)***

I will say that after watching the last two episode and alternate episode I would take them each with a grain of salt; draw your own conclusions. It left a real "Choose Your Own Adventure" vibe, with the last two episodes being optional. The alternate episode I took as a scrapped idea. It's blunt, tragic, and doesn't flow; the ride just comes to a stop. It doesn't have the descent like a proper ending would.

Overall: a great cast of flawed yet likable characters. It has heart, and the characters are what keep you invested. The plot is great but it would be lost if you didn't care about what happens to the characters.