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Catholic Church is a Pedophile ring

why else would they not excommunicate priests. 6% of them are only caught and there are records of.


Most of the 6% of the Catholic Church's paedophile clerics have surnames of the British Isles. Britain has been having major paedophile scandals within its Church of England, government and BBC. It's shocking how people in the UK, Europe and Latin America are aware of these paedophile scandals, but people in the US are kept so ignorant. Some Church of England sex scandals that rocked the UK and the rest of the world (excluding the the US) are:

Church of England Priest Robert Waddington who was shuttled from parish to parish within London, Carlisle, Manchester and York sexually molesting young males for five decades which the evil Church of England covered up. The Church finally hid him away in Australia where he continued to molest male youths. He's on Wikepedia.

Church of England ex-Bishop, Peter Ball, a good friend of Britain's Prince Charles and frequent visitor at Buckingham Palace, had been sexually molesting male youths for over three decades which the evil Church of England covered up. Peter Ball has now served 32 months in prison and is a registered sex offender. He's on Wikipedia.

Ex-Bishop of the Church of England Michael Perham quit the clergy before the paedophile accusations against him even reached court a few years back.

Ex-Archbishop Lord David Hope (archbishop is the highest rank in the Church of England's the Pope is in Rome) resigned from the Church of England in 2014 embarrassed over the ill-handling, cover-ups and shuttling of paedophile clerics within the Church of England. He's on Wikipedia.

All one has to do is google "Church of England sex scandal" to see all the horrific goings-on within the Church of England. Not to forget Britain's government and its BBC. Noeworthy is that Latino (I'm using "Latino" in its correct Old World and Latin American sense to define Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Corsican, Monégasque, Maltese) surnamed clerics within the Catholic Church are minority offenders. While British Isles surnamed clerics are the majority offenders within the Catholic Church and Protestant denominations. Speaks volumes how the US news media knows how to cover this up. Not so worldwide!


I would venture to guess that this is not new either. It probably has been going on since the catholic church started. It's only now when civilization and times have changed that they could not hide it any longer!


This is in the news again in 2018. Archbishops just keep moving the predators from parish to parish.