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so a PLANET is coming yet...

someone some how saves us (im not at end of movie, but ALL these movies pull off a save at last minute from that one person that knew what to do the whole time, but noone listened)

like, lol, the Planet Mercury, is on its way? sheez....

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I also haven't watched, and although I don't mind cheesy sci-fi, the title is ridiculous. Even if an asteroid the size of a mountain range were to be coming, there is nothing we could do, and we couldn't survive, but Mercury? So, it's not actually on a collision course but a part of it hits us? That could be cool, like in Deep Impact or Armageddon, at least in those movies the damage was equal to the meteor size. Mercury hitting Earth would melt both planets and either create a bigger planet, or create another moon, not to mention it would have it's way with our moon. No life, not even microbial would survive that, although life would eventually come back due to location, but complex life, never again, since the Earth no longer has 3 billion years to develop complex life from single cells.

So, from those who have watched, does this have any realism? The one above is the only one I can imagine, because there is no way to "push" a mass of Mercury, even by a mini amount, like you could with an asteroid and make it miss Earth in 20 years time etc.

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