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analog modems and 1940s submarine technology????

Why does SyFy regularly use the sounds of 1980s analog modem communications in their films to denote that a super classified and advanced computer is sending and or receiving "programs"?????
Also, what is up with virtually all the space shuttles they show like in this movie look like they are composed of parts that were on a submarine you grandfather might have served on back in the 1940s?
I just about died laughing when I saw the chick in the space shuttle in the "engine room" and there was like a stainless steel canister that look more like a coffee maker with a radiation warning sticker...i guess that was their reactor or something to power the ship?

And if all the antagonists met their early demise by stuff crushing them due to roaming magnetism, wouldn't it be too much to ask that one of the supper annoying protagonists get offed in the same way?????