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Things learned from watching Collision Earth

1) Mercury magnetized has enough force to pull cars off the planet but not people wearing metal.

2) Mercury things only planets with life are worth smashing into.

3) The dirtbag always is in command.

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4) If you're a douchebag carjacker or redneck security guard, cars will kill you.


5. A small shield will stop a planet on a collision course with Earth.


6) Vacuum tube based pirate radio stations are capable of faster than light communications.


Planets are selectively attracted to earths weak magnetic field instead of the Sun's much closer and stronger Magnetic field

Magnetic Fields are unpredictable , I guess we need to scrap Maxwell's equations.


Cars that are pulled into the sky by magnetic fields spontaneously catch on fire!!



10. Kirk Acevedo's career is officially over.


11. Somehow, a spaceship the size of the Space Shuttle has vast quantities of fuel to burn to keep from crashing into Mercury.

12. Apparently due to cost cuts at NASA none of the astronauts even has a spacesuit to climb into if the hull of the spaceship gets a hole and starts losing air.

13. Although Mercury is magnetized and is attracting all of these cars up into the sky, for some unexplained reason the magnetism stops and all of the cars suddenly start dropping right in front of the car of the only guy that can stop the planet from crashing into Earth.


The planet Mercury which is millions of miles from the Earth but somehow gets close to hitting us in less then 2 days..... I'm no scientist but W.T.F.....


15. A federal security officer will not shoot at a girl holding a lug wrench, and will just politely give his gun up.

16. If your only form of wireless communication with someone is stolen by a carjacker, just stand out by the nearest highway and the person you need to get in contact with will happen to just drive by in their station wagon.

17. When cars are falling from the sky, they will only land on highways.


18)When you are the only person able to safe the planet, all security guards will attempt to kill you

19) The only persons able to safe the world, always seem to live in the USA.

20) Even though Mercuries magnetic force is the killer in this movie, it's gravity wont effect you when it is near earth and 5 times bigger -in the sky- then the moon

21) When you are a securityguard protecting a sensitive governement project, you will be standing at a road to that facility, but not have a road-barrier to protect it from incomming traffic.

22)Eventhough electric poles are exploding and car's burst on fire, the only facility able to safe the planet, will always keep working till the end, though just barely.

23)When cars fall out of the sky, they will never have people in it,... but if they do... it will happen to be people you know.

24)Of the billions of people on earth, the only people that have a communication device you will need to safe the planet with, will show up at your house.

25) Smart people that can make amazing communication devices, are so stupid they do not first check if a door is open.

26) If Mercury is attacking Earth, it is a bad idea to be a woman,... because you will certainly die.

27) If you had worked on secret gov projects and were fired, no secret service or country security agency will check if you still have acces to the project.

28) Projects capable of saving the world, will have been canceled.

29) Spaceships flying in the vacuum of space,... will make roaring noices when flying.

30) It is good to know that computer software from your spaceship can instantly connect -within seconds- with the software of cancelled projects and you instantly understand all the data shown of a project you never worked on.


31 Modern Computers still make beeping and fax machine noises like back in the 90s when we don't even use dial up any more

32 The space shuttle has artificial gravity which never goes off.


If the Dinosaurs had thought of what the humans did in this movie, they would still be alive today.


33. If your film about the end of the earth is made in Vancouver, NASA Command Centres in Houston and military command centres in the Pentagon will leave the solution to a small collection of scientists.

34. The NASA command centre in charge of the Nautilis will go on vacation immediately upon losing their com link with their only and very expensive projects.

35. Everything on the Nautilis will be manufactured using 70s era electronics. Good thing, too, because even if they are 1000x heavier than modern electronics and 50x less reliable, they can be fixed with a soldering iron.

36. While relatively simple systems aboard a spaceship are suffering catastrophic failures, the whiz-bang "Artificial Gravity" and Voice Computer Interface" do not show any chance of failing.

37. During docking, when any perturbation of gravitational forces would be a bad thing, it isn't necessary to disengage the artificial gravity.

38. The parts of an automobile most at risk of catching on fire are, apparently, their passenger seats.

39. Mercury is about 4.5 times the mass of our Moon, but some scientist thinks some minor impacts from something manmade are going to affect its motion.

Spock! Form an away team! You, me, Bones, Scotty and umm... Ensign Smith!


40. Everything related to science looks like it has suffered government budget cuts sometime in the 1970s and has not been painted or re-financed since.

Spock! Form an away team! You, me, Bones, Scotty and umm... Ensign Smith!