80's Raph?

Paul Kaulson is credited with "80's Raph"... I know already he was Rapheal in the original series, but what did he do on this series as Raph? I've never watched this series, but am curious as to what episode he did 80's Raph on?

It wasn't this series they did Turtles Forever I don't think, so I'm doubting its that.

Can anyone fill me in?


There was a cross over episode earlier in season four called "Trans Dimensional Turtles" which took place during the space arc. In the episode the current turtles met with their 1980's counter parts to battle the combined efforts of 1980's Krang and Kraang Sub Prime. It's easily one of the best episodes in the series so far and feels like a mini version of Turtles Forever (Mirage turtles come in at the end *wink, wink*), you should check it out. And his name is Rob Paulsen by the way.