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Robert Pattinson as Batman?

Don't know how to feel about this.

I don't have anything against him but I think there are better candidates like Nicholas Hoult.


I’d much prefer Pattinson to Hoult. I’d much prefer a lot of people to either of them


If he's been hired, I have to assume the script sucks SO bad that every name actor in Hollywood turned it down.

Like, Orlando Bloom and Jamie Dornan turned it down, that kind of bad.


Robert Pattinson is fine.

What isn’t fine is:

A) the non-stop criticism he’ll receive online.

B) the fact that while he’s locked into Batman movies, he won’t be able to keep doing all the cool little films he’s been in for the past few years, like “Good Time”, “Cosmopolis”, “The Rover”, “High Life”, “Maps to the Stars”, etc.


I wouldn’t be concerned for point B if it turns out to be a successful version of Batman. Maybe he won’t get an Oscar but a good superhero role with right script is a good as getting an Oscar role even if it doesn’t give him a chance for it.

Doing a great superhero role for along time would give him time to develop that character maybe let’s 6 movies and show different skills as an actor.

I’m saying this from experience As a fan of Robert Downey Jr. Wouldn’t it be nice seeing him win an Oscar soon yeah but it’s equally good he got to be Iron Man for eleven years and being praised In that role by critics and fans even if it’s not an Oscar role.

Maybe Many will think I’m Crazy but i think him being Iron Man has given him a lot of artistic freedom and shown this can do comedy, drama and action without trouble with just doing this role.
We have seen how he is doing emotions and so many other great things.

So really if Robert Pattinson is a hit as Batman with a great movie will be much more fullfilling than doing 100 serious Oscar contender films.


Can't see it myself, he needs to beef up a little to play Bruce Wayne/Batman.


They really do love casting Brit actors as American comic book heroes and superheroes don't they? And going by this thread, not even the better ones.


Hello people, it’s 2019! Why does Batman have to automatically be a white male? Name should be changed to The Batperson. But if it is going to be a white male then it should be someone more manly than Pattinson. Someone like Jesse Eisenberg or Michael Cera or Ellen Degeneres.


He is, in my opinion, a quite good actor, he started off with a shitty saga, but he has potential as an actor, and with the roles he chose after Twilight (i.e. The Rover, THe lighthouse, Lost City of Z, Good time or High Life), he's shown he wants to grow as an actor as well as showed potential.

Therefore, I am willing to give him a chance and see what he can do as Batman.