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What is "The East" referencing? Possibly this...

I've read plenty of interviews regarding this film from Brit and Zal, and while they openly discuss that there are real Anonymous-type freegan groups out there doing this work, they don't mention what these groups are fighting against directly.

They do mention dioxin in the film, however, and I think that's important, because back in the 90's the government/area 51 was sued for supposedly releasing dioxin into the air and ground, causing the deaths of two employees, and health problems for the ones suing.

Here is the 60 minutes episode about that:

Apparently, president Clinton at the time made a 'presidental block' of the lawsuit to stop it from going further, and that has since been backed up by Bush, and I'm assuming Obama as well, since we have heard nothing about it since. But WHY is no one talking about this?!

I came across it simply because another actor from "Sound of My Voice" (another smart Brit Marling film) made a movie called Area 51, and while I haven't seen that, it led me on the path to finding out about this, and made me wonder if he had influenced The East a bit with this environmental lawsuit information that seems to relate to a similar situation in The East.

Thoughts? Comments?