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What a complete mess... QUESTIONS??

Okay, I need someone to explain this to me...

I've never played the games, read the books or watched the movie series.
I decided to Marathon the entire movie series before watching The Final Chapter.
This entire series had weak acting, cheesy action, cliche plots and flaws all around. This, I'm okay with and I am used to, and I've never took it as a serious franchise.

This particular film however was a complete mess with inconsistencies. Had me saying 'What?' a dozen times before eventually just getting bored and rolling with it. Here's a few questions..

1) How is Wesker alive? He blew up in 'Afterlife.'
2) How is Wesker human again? He was infected and all messed up.
3) How does the real Alice know sign language? And why?
4) What was the point of Sign language if everyone spoke in the film...? Including the fake girl and fake Alice mother?
5) Why was Alice in that facility if the Red Queen wanted her dead?
6) How did the Red Queen take control of Umbrella Corp? Since when??
7) Why the random puzzled plot? It doesn't fit with the rest of the series??
8) Why the familiar faces of the previously deceased? Are they clones? Why them??
9) Was Jill a clone or was she real?

The list can go on... this entire film had me question what was going on and who was who. This is probably the first time I ever felt like a series is genuinely being MILKED for money and business. People say it all the time, but this...? Yeah, now I'm a believer of that saying. The plots are inconsistent with one another and feel like they're running out of ideas.


Retribution was much bigger story but a lot of it was cut and dropped. Some answrrs are in The Final Chapter.