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Was killing off ??????? a BIG mistake?

I've always enjoyed these movies, yes some of them have their....negative sides and can be ridiculous but I still like them. However there was one thing that bothered me from the VERY beginning of the series, I've wondered this from the first movie in 2002, was killing off Rain in the first movie a huge mistake? I always thought she was such a fantastic character and could of been GREATLY utilized throughout the series especially in the second movie. I honestly think I would of killed her off in the third movie and of course have her back for the 5th one...for some reason I don't see her fitting well in the 4th movie.
I could be wrong but I think I remember seeing an interview with Paul where he said one of the things he regrets the most is killing of Michelle's character so soon....and if he did say that I agree. I understand Alice is the main character in these films but I really think having Rain would of made it so much better.

I was thrilled to see her in this movie and I thought they were brilliant in the way they brought her back.....but then ONCE AGAIN they kill her off....and not in a very good way either...seeing her neck snap especially the way it happened was just....stupid to me. I think they should of had her survive till the last movie....but they probably got rid of her because they already have 3 powerful female characters (Ada, Jill and Alice) maybe they didn't want a third....thoughts?


I liked Rain in the first movie but I think it was good to kill her off - she was so much of a main character that it seemed 'obvious' she was going to survive somehow. That they actually ended up killing her off was more of a shock - same with Matt.

At least Rain got to come back in Retribution - unfortunately we've never seen Matt again (at least not in human form!). I'd love for him to be back in the final film, bring it all around full circle (seeing as it was his sister who helped Alice in the beginning).

Lets face it, with all the clones around, we can pretty much have anyone we like back (it was great seeing Carlos in Retribution)


Always thought Rain could have been the face of the franchise with Alice or even without Alice