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Under The Morgue: A Message Board For All Things Horror

Hello! Since Imdb's boards are closing down, we figured now might be a good time to let people on here know about another active Horror website. It's been around for four years now, has close to 2,000 members, and has sections for over two dozen Horror TV shows, threads for over 10,000 standalone Horror films, and sections for over fifty Horror trilogies/franchises. Along with that, we have sections for non-Horror TV shows, Horror and non-Horror books and movies, celebrity discussion, news & current events, random chat sections, music sections, and so on. We also have areas of the site that allow users to promote their own works (artwork, scripts, novels, feature films, short films, fan-films, and more). We're also starting our fourth annual Best And Worst Of The Year Awards which cover over 180 different categories ranging from Best Actress to Worst Horror Film Of The Year to Best Trailer. Join today and become a part of an active community. :)