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This movie has NOT been nominated for an Oscar...


It's Argentina's submission to the Oscars. Most countries with a film industry submit a film to the Academy for consideration and this is Argentina's submission, but it has not been nominated yet.

And, frankly, I doubt that it will be.

The movie plays in a monotone. Moments that could have been milked for dramatic value or suspense like the birth of the twins, or the Israeli agent's investigation, or the little girl's relationship to the German doctor are flat and lacking in any intensity. Sure, the film is well photographed and the actors are fine, but the director/screenwriter doesn't seem to understand the fundamentals of film narrative. The characters don't change, nobody learns anything and any sense of menace the film could have delivered never really shows up on the screen.

A missed opportunity. Nice Patagonian landscapes, though.


yeah, bored


So what if scenes were not milked for everything, I much rather the movie that was made than to have seen a pretentious movie.

If it had been a Hollywood movie they would have made it their mission to show that Mossad agents/West Allies were smarter than the bad guy. Not to mention dramatic scenes for the sake of having them.


I totally disagree. You obviously prefer a Hollywood product. This is a foreign film, which usually means you should leave any expectations of formulaic plot structure at home.

The German Doctor is an excellent film. The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is superb, and the pacing is a well-orchestrated slow burn of suspense. Is it Michael Bay? No. It is Alfred Hitchcock? Nope. If you're expecting either, just stay home and stream Psycho. If you liked La Cara Oculta (The Hidden Face), El Secreto de sus Ojos (the Secret in their Eyes - which won an oscar), Revanche or A Burning Hot Summer, then you will enjoy The German Doctor.