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Reply to 'A French Movie' review.

Hilarious, I watched the trailer and immediately afterwards but before seeing your review, I thought to myself "Yep, this is a French film". Not sure if the 2/10 rating you give is fair, but I don't think I want to watch it myself to find out.

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great review. you hit all the right buttons, i will not waste my time on this "french film", croissants, depressed youth, smoking and suffering...ha-ha!!


The review under discussion:

A French Movie

Author: olov_svedjeland from Sweden
21 March 2013

This is all the summary you need. Seriously, all stereotypical things you'd expect to see in a French movie, was there.

Cliché relations? - Check

Smoking all the time? - Check

Painting? - Check (so much painting)

Eating at cafés? - Check

Just a long montage of the "happiness-model"? - Check

Croissants? You name it, it's there!

I have to say though that the beginning of the film was really interesting. I thought that it'd be a movie about people who fought for what they believed in and the character development along the way. Boy, was I wrong!

It quickly lost its pace and never mentioned what happened in the beginning ever again. Nothing they ever did had any actual consequences later in the movie which made most actions seem pointless.

Don't forget the actors who couldn't show any passion for their characters interests what so ever. It wasn't so convincing when the girl said: "I still love you" when her face looked as numb as if she had been slapped in the face all day. After the movie, I would nominate Kristen Stewart for an Oscar.

I almost forgot to mention the main character. His face expression can be best summarized as this: Depressed, slightly smiling or neutral. But for some reason he was quite popular and painted a lot. I still don't know if he liked to paint or not (because of his unengaged acting).

That is my review and why I so generously gave it 3/10 stars.
It's funny but perhaps a little harsh. After all when in France there will be croissants and smoking!
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