The Downs Industries(?) guys who created the two-tone T-Bird got robbed. That car was badass.

Honest Charley's built a car with a METAL INTERIOR??? Maybe it comes off much better up close, but on TV it looked like crap. And I certainly wouldn't want to sit in a metal backed seat for more than a couple of miles.

I also noticed that there were NO close up shots of the closed hood and "shaker air cleaner," maybe it looked like crap too?

I think the "judge" just threw all objectivity out and chose the car with the biggest engine.



I agree with you on the metal seats (they looked uncomfortable and stark), but the other work in the interior was outstanding. The faux wood grain, with the candy green really tied the interior and exterior together, and the engine cover that they fabed gave it a clean look. The Red team didn't have that kind of blending.

I also think the Blue team was right, the car didn't need any body mods. The lines of the car are perfect as they are. Although, I liked the sinister look that the Red team gave the headlights, even though it killed the distinctive look of the hood. The air cleaner was subtle, it sat near flush with the hood, so it didn't detract from the lines of the car.

There is no question that the Red team put together a nice car, but the body mods they did served no purpose. In the end they just said 'we worked on the car' not 'WOW'. The Blue team made all the work they did blend in, making a lot of work look easy. They deserved the win.