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What's with all the CRAP cars?

What's with all the TOTALY CRAP(!) cars choices?!?!?!?!!! A Datsun 240 Z? A Ford F150 TRUCK ?!?!?!?!?!? A 2000 Crown Vic police car?!?!?! A Mad-max style war machine?!?!?!

The opening credits ("Show title card") show a 69-71 Charger...Why don't they do one? Maybe 69 Camaros are overdone, but how about a 69 Firebird? Even better a 70-72 GTO. Hey, I love the 71-73 Mustang fastbacks. And a 70 or 71 Javalin would be nice. To heck with the "new" 2010 Challenger: the "non-body-crease" 70-74 'Cuda was way better lookin'! Why don't they do some of those????

I mean, really, there's not much exciting about the choice of base material, and that is why the show is going to fail... (not to mention the over-the-top pre-pubescent "challengers" each week).

COME ON PRODUCERS: Get some cars we would WANT to see hopped-up. Keep the crap off the screen.

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You must admit that 240z was kinda sweet. I agree though. I want to see a fox body, mercury marauder (old school) and some road runners. But that speed racer z car was so bad ass!

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I think there may be several reasons, but they are just my opinion.

1.) The onus should be on the customization of the vehicle, not the vehicle specifically (with exception of Mustand and Bug, perhaps).

2.) The producers wanted to concentrate on vehicles most custom shops would encounter, or that 'every day' customizers might be able to get their hands on.

3.) Being the first season, perhaps they wanted to keep some of the production costs down, by getting 'regular' cars, and getting some of the custom parts at a reduced cost with sponsorships.

OMG! (it's not what you think)


Thank goodness for season two!
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You obviously haven't priced a '69 Charger in any condition lately... Or realize how uncommon they are to come across.

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