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LOVED IT! (release dates??)

....but when will I be able to see it again??

I saw this film at a festival in Brussels a few months ago and to be honest I was expecting it to be complete rubbish. That'll teach me for judging a book by its cover! Within the first few minutes I knew I had stumbled upon something completely absurd and unique, and as soon as the love coach kicked in with his crazy advice and hilarious dance sequences (my favourite of the three stories by far) I just fell in love with this insanely brilliant film!

Now my problem is will it ever get a proper release? I'm guessing no (well, maybe a few art house theatres here and there), but can we at least hope for a DVD release? It's just a bit worrying that there are no trailers or even a proper poster yet, but I truly hope a distribution company gets hold of it as I am dying to see it again!

Anyway, if anyone has any info on this please share! :)


It's not even out in Japan until "spring 2012" (no firm release date yet). So I'm guesstimating "a very, VERY long time and only on DVD which is pretty pointless for something with as much of the interest in visual details as this." Until then the most one might conceivably do (i.e. short of chasing the subbed HDCAM around) is to track down the still findable US DVDs of "Vermilion Pleasure Night" and/or "The Fuccons" (aka "OH! Mikey"), if one can play region 1s (I currently cannot). The Japanese region 2 DVDs of both all have English subtitles, apparently, but they're Japanese prices (one 48-minute volume costs more than the US collection of the whole series and the feature "The Color of Life").