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Wow...what a horrible movie

what the F is Michael Madsen doing? this movie is like a 3rd rate B movie, horrible acting, i've seen better acting on COPS!....horrible!

Wht about dat job i did for ju in Freedom Town Da Rebenga hit, wht was dat a game of dominoes,mang?


Hi a friend(not sure if that is the right word) lent me this film to watch.
Absolutely *beep* it is.
On cover "3.10 to Yuma rides up next to True Grit" Yeah Right!!!!
I love westerns and also b-grade, but this was terrible.
My God even the camera work sucked.
Blame Director Christopher Forbes, he needs to attend a Movie School or something because he is hopeless.
I could of done a better job, why not? I have no talent like director Forbes.