Season 3 trailer

To sum up:

- Justin, out of gratitude, might have taken over Clay in managing Tyler's rifle and ammo hideaway, dealing with it together with Tyler himself and Tony.
- Zach and Chloe hooked up, as hinted somewhere around the second half of Season 2. But they have to keep it secret, for some reason.
- Jessica is co-leading a Feminist/Anti-Sexual Harassment group at Liberty High, and we are probably going to watch another epic school hallways fight scene, in the likes of Ep. 02x11 ones (Jokes vs. "The Baker Bunch&Friends")
- Alex and Monty keeps on hating each other, of course, but they might the key to solve a big part of the mystery. Maybe a pact against Bryce between them?
- The girl washing the bloody white cloth is listed as "Ani" on IMDB, and she's the tenth character seen attending (maybe symbolically) Bryce's funeral, in front of his grave (together with all the remaining leads: Clay, Alex, Jessica, Justin, Zach, Tyler, Tony, together with Chloe and Monty, bumped up from recurring characters to members of the main cast). Hers also might be the British (or Australian)-sounding trailer voice-over.
- Courtney, Ryan (he pointed out he was about to take a sabbatical and travel Europe, in Hannah's funeral aftermath), Sheri are nowhere to be seen. Same goes with Cyrus, Mackenzie, and the Punk/Alternative Crew, with Marcus (actually, he had already disappeared after his blackmail-prompted speech) as well as Mr. Porter (his arc got a pretty clear closure, though a very sad one, that was expected), and, of course, Hannah and Liv. IMDB don't credit any of them for the upcoming episodes, but a dramatic guest starring, especially one for the Baker ladies, can't be ruled out (though I really think writers didn't go that way: their arc, as important as is to the show, is done, fair and square). Kids-wise, it's safe to say some of them, after the events depicted in the first two seasons, might have traded schools and left LH.
- On IMDB, Lainie Jensen is the only character credited for all the 39 episodes, i.e. all the S3 ones. The only other main credited for episodes 03x11, 12, and 13, are new lead Ani and Chloe, while Clay, Jessica, Alex, Justin, Zach, Tyler, Tony, and Monty, are so far only credited until 03x10. I think it's safe to say it goes with stirring up thoughts on who might die/disappear/flee before the buzzer.