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Ralph and Others

2 Many of the characters in this mini-series cast list remain total mysteries to me, in that I have no idea who they are. Others are still missing. Lucy, comes to mind here. There is a character named Ralph Hodges, for example. Is this Ralph Brentner? Cobb was described by a poster as a military man who deals with Stu during the Quarantine.

In short, many characters are still MIA, and a lot of questions remain.

Any other thoughts here?


2 Who does Larry have as a love interest in this series?

Others are still missing. Lucy comes to mind here.


> Who does Larry have as a love interest in this series?

Uncertain if there's anyone. We're three episodes along now and have seen Larry arrive in Boulder and some of his backstory. There was a bit of a vibe between him and Nadine, but not much and he hasn't tried to approach her. Lucy (or her equivalent) hasn't appeared and it seems like she would have by now.

They're changing up quite a lot here. Major characters are altered somewhat, and some minor characters are radically changed. Overall, it's nowhere near as bad as my worst fears predicted, but I'd give it 6/10 so far.

I'll try not to get into out and out spoilers but I'll put the spoiler cover on what follows, just in case you don't want to see. Compared to the book ... Glen seems to be nothing more than a guy who let Stu sleep over one night. M. Abby seems less conflicted (no "why me Lord?" here) and more autocratic (she outright dictates who should be on the committee). Tom is more offbeat, in a pleasantly funny way. Flagg does not have a jolly, humorous side. Larry is less of a jerk. Rita is stronger and dies by intentional suicide rather than accident. Stu is more confident. Harold starts off less warped in Maine but seems more crazy in Boulder. Kojak now talks (no, just kidding).


*stronger and dies by intentional suicide rather than accident.

That doesn't make sense. Suicide is the ultimate "I give up" nothing strong about that


I'm being careful with phrasing because what you've quoted was under the spoiler cover, and I don't want to give away things ... That character's death was in this miniseries and in the book. But both also followed the character for some time before his/her death. During that time the character was psychologically stronger in this miniseries than in the novel.


Regarding what I wrote above five days ago, under the spoiler cover ... Cancel what I said about Glen. I wrote that because IMDB had him listed as being in only one episode, but that listing turns out to be wrong.


2 IMDb very recently did not even have him on the cast list. This series was not on Greg Kinnear's filmography either and then I checked once more on IMDb, and lo! and behold, there he be.

Seems to me like IMDb had better get their act together.