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Strange how the grand majority of UK reviews have been unfavourable... I saw this film yesterday in London and liked it. Perhaps it's too whimsical for British tastes?


I watched this today in Caernarfon and found it to be a wonderfully moving film which was very well made.

It's a shame that this film wasn't received better.


I think it was a great movie, to hell with the critics!


i also really liked it.I laughed,i cried and smiled.


Yes, it was amazing movie.


I don't think international filmmakers/stars will lose any sleep over bad reviews from Britain, of all the movie-making places in the world.

(PS: I am a Brit, so flame wars, please)


I usually know when the critics loathe something I will love it, and vice-versa. Thought the movie was wonderful. Glad I never read a review on it before I saw it, otherwise I would have missed this sweet little gem.

Remember us, for we too have lived, loved and laughed


I agree, thought the movie was good until the final sequence, which for me elevated it to very good, well worth watching.