Regarding the trailer

First of all, here's the link that comes up when you google search the trailer, so if you haven't seen it, watch first:

So, a few things:

A. I find it strange that Anne Hathaway isn't linked to the movie on IMDB ... at all. That would certainly help the film's exposure, because I know I'M interested in seeing it, but Anne Hathaway's name being linked on a site like this would help to make the average person at least look into it a little bit.

B. As above, except in reference to Jay Baruchel.

C. Wallace Shawn isn't in the trailer--a little disappointing as I'd like to get an idea of what his character might be like. I see Dean Winters only briefly, but unless Wallace Shawn is capable of doing obscured voice work (not like Rex, who sounds just like him) and he's that old guy (who happens to be a psychotherapist) with a lot of make-up on (extremely doubtful, obviously), then there's not much besides the IMDB page to even say that he's in the movie. And since IMDB is misinformed already ...

D. Around 1:55, there's a boom shadow ... in the trailer. I just found that funny. Anyone else notice that on your own?

But my interest in this is definitely piqued. I'm excited to see the finished product.

Anyone else with thoughts/impressions?


I've seen a trailer on youtube. Hathaway seems to have just a guest appearance that too she filmed it long ago, at least not very recently. But yes, her name linked to this movie will help in it's publicity.


The very first scene in the trailer, the bit in the nut house, I thought it looked really cheap, like old tv show cheap, then some bits looked good. So it looks a little inconsistent in quality, but its possible that post-processing isn't finished. Lots of familiar faces and kinda big names putting in an appearance.

I really like Dan Fogler and I'm betting this is his shot at getting away from being called a poor mans' Jack Black (which was always grossly unfair, he's a unique talent).


Looks like many cameos from well known actors, I think some will see it for Hathaway & Duhamel, which will help the film.

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