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Don Peyote or The Making of a Prophet

Just watched it. I enjoyed the craziness. Did not deceived me at all. A bit of Gilliam, made me think about Jodorowsky too. Sure it had a comedic tone but otherwise story-wise it was pretty serious:

It's litterary a man lost in a world in which he can't find his place that was looking for a purpose while he had to lie to her to-be-wife about his double-life during the day and hides his drugs abuse and his existancial problems and dilemma seems to have find the glimpse of a purpose as he discover the vast conspiracy, Alien, Illuminati, Secrets of Government etc serie of video that mixed with drug, opens his mind and start spark him some psychotic symptoms. He lose grip of reality, putting himself on a quest and his get slowly build his new reality and new persona around the informations he consider part of reality. And proclaim his as a kind of Messager for a new era.

And we totally see the building up which I love very much.
One of the coolest Jesus in a movie! ahah

The main character was so intensely played! The actor who play him almost always overdo but it works here!

I'm good at choosing my movies!