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Somebody is a Gilliam fan

Pretty sure Dan is a Terry Gilliam fan and watched Brazil, 12 Monkeys and Fisher King many times. As for the movie itself, it was really fu[c]ked-up, in a good way. As a consciousness stream movie it successfully gets you out of your mind, tears up reality and plunges you into the swirl of insanity. Tripping balls. Nice effort guys, although the movie is a bit pointless. Well, isn't everything?


Yeah, I can see that for sure, and my girlfriend commented on it while we were watching it, but I would not make that comparison in a positive way. At least Terry Gilliam, regardless of his fondness for wide-angle lenses, does use a long shot every once in a while. This entire movie was shot in close-ups with a lot of hand-held camera and eventually that gets very tiresome and is not very "cinematic." For every scene that works as designed, there are 10 that we're scratching our heads wondering what they were thinking. In Gilliam, it's more like the reverse, there's 10 great scenes or shots and then one that doesn't really seem to work now and then.

Did I not love him, Cooch? MY OWN FLESH I DIDN'T LOVE BETTER!!! But he had to say 'Nooooooooo'