Thumbs up.

Others seem to be over-thinking this, possibly due to impossible expectations since WSC was made by an Academy award nominee ("Food Inc").

Was esp focused on Dave M, due to his classic "The Play" / 1982 Stanf*rd football Tee. I've got a very similar T in my closet too.

The last segment's Second Life connection made my day as well. Can't say any of the 5 segments fell flat, or dragged on too long.

I even staged a viewing for my wife, going on 40 years. Anyways, scored it a 10. [ABC's DWTS -> Zero-minus]

Signed, Always A Sucker For Documentaries Retiree.

Late add: Here's a link to a sports fan bbs thread where I did my best to promote further interest in WSC, fwiw: