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Started to rewatch from S1 E1 then ugh...

I loved this show in the early years, forgot how many seasons I watched before I had to end Showtime. I now have Showtime free for six months so I re-started today, plan on one episode a day...

Like 10 minutes in I hit a very big ugh.

I had totally forgotten about Dana Brody and how (it seems) all fans of the show, including me, eventually hated the character. ::: sigh :::

Lord give me the strength...


I didn't mind her at first. She did begin to fester though.
It is a shame what happened to the show. I love the first 4 seasons. Even S5 was fairly good. Sad when a show completely jumps off the rails like this.
One day I will revisit the sweet first 4.


Oh, I know and now recall Dana was OK at first, but it’s just that sudden shock and instant recall what a drag she later became, well, it hit me already.


I don't know how far along you are, so I'm going to put spoiler tags in my next sentence.

[spoiler]Boy, you're gonna looove when they bring her back at the tail-end of the third season. Just when you think the Brody family drama was gone for good, Dana shows up just one more time, LOL![/spoiler]

Other than that, I do miss the early years myself. It was interesting when the plot actually revolved around Brody being a suspected terrorist. It's why I started watching to begin with.

I'm glad they're finally concluding it after the eighth season.


I know I watched at least 3 seasons. I’ll know soon enough. Not going to binge at all...just one episode each day. Like when I was watching One Life To, afternoon television daily shows.


I am in the middle of Season 4 now (Pakistan/Haqqani storyline) and now realize I stopped watching in the middle of season 5 with Miranda Otto.

This time around I did not despise Dana at all, rather better understood what she was going through. Seemed reasonable considering all.

Right now pissed at Carrie for bedding Haqqani’s nephew. (Episode just ended)