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Season 7 thoughts

I like it so far. Very straightforward.

episode 2:
very unrealistic:
- Hacker (standard encrypting scam) talks to her
- Hacker takes offer on sex instead of 20k dollars,
instead of going pretty risk free for a prostitute for 500 dollars
- Criminar hacker has balls and stupidity to send her to his own home

episode 3:
- It was extremely foreseeable that O-Keefe uses his arrest as a PR-stunt
Fast arrest would be best.
Attorny general being captured would be bad for O-Keefe because it's bad PR. But it would be bad for FBI letting him be captured

- Dante being alone in his hospital room.
Just as a moviegoer, the scene 'bad guy sneaks into hospital room' happens so often, i am like 'obviously you need to place a police officer *in* the fucking room'

Liked it.
The storylines were very straightforward and easy to follow, perhaps even a tad too easy, but overall i liked the simple structure.
Also the last few episodes really gave me some good suspense.

Also i love how Carrie just has not much quarrel to use her body/sex to persuade people. Hardcore spy.