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Bonus footage on the DVD is worth the price alone

As a longtime Hole fan, I'd recommend anyone else who is a fan to pick up the DVD of this if only for the bonus footage that is included in the extras.


-Patty and Melissa hanging out,
-Backstage stuff, including following the band onstage for performances
-Travel footage from Australia, Hawaii, and footage of the band on train rides in Japan
-Courtney trashing her birthday cake
-The band throwing a party backstage for Thurston Moore along with Kim Gordon, Stephen Malkmus, and a bunch of others
-Patty and Melissa goofing off in their hotel rooms
-Courtney throwing things out of her hotel window in Paris and causing a riot of fans in the street

Just to name a few.

There's also rehearsal footage of the band practicing for their MTV Unplugged performance, and Courtney sings and plays guitar with Frances in her lap— adorable. The documentary itself is killer and I learned a lot about Patty and what it was like being in the band, and the whole thing gave me a different perspective on all of them. Although Hole was sort of a "mainstream" band for awhile, they didn't get the press coverage that allowed the public to get to know them very well as musicians or individual people; that was reserved for Courtney, and even then, all the public was given was information about her problems and the negative stuff in her life, so this documentary was riveting because it gave everybody a platform to really tell their experiences that weren't made public ever before.

The "Celebrity Skin" fiasco was upsetting and finally they all opened up about it and finally explained exactly what happened from each of their points of view. Fascinating stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to encourage anyone who's thinking about getting the DVD to DO IT. I paid $20 for it at Barnes & Noble and it was worth every penny. If you're a fan of Hole or even Courtney, there's lots of interesting stuff to see here.