Billy the Kid

Can't believe I let myself watch another episode of this show, but like many people I find the Billy The Kid story compelling, so I watched.

I won't go into all the reasons it seems obvious to me that "Brushy Bill" is a complete phony, and BtK's death went pretty much the way Pat Garrett said it did, all that can be found on the inet easily.

Regardless of that, I will agree that there is enough stuff there to warrant at least a discussion and a show about the various theories.

What really bothered me was how readily they threw Pat Garrett under the bus as a co-conspirator in his big escape, where the kid kills the two deputies. They based this on the most flimsy "evidence" of the fact that PG went out of town that day... and of course the only reason they could think why he would do that was to enable BtK's escape... and the fact that supposedly, a century later, some blood was found at the top of the stairs instead of the bottom where PG says the shooting took place.

Ok, why these discrepancies??? Well for one thing it has been going on 150 years now! Who the F knows at this point why PG went outa town (maybe some hot girlfriend?), or whether the shooting took place at the top of bottom of the stairs, or why PG might or might not have gotten that wrong!

Jeez, people are so gullible.


This show is classic disinformation funded by the "masters"!