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According to the 'Web Bot'

WTF? I cannot say how stupid the guy on "2012" episode sounded constantly referring to a source called "the Web Bot" as if it was a God like voice. What a profound freaking idiot. I felt dumb just watching.

That was just a small portion of the BS I've seen on this show.

That said, I write this show off and will never watch again. Total waste of time.


I think it's funny how all the channels rerun shows (decoded, Nostradamus effect, ancient aliens, etc) that claim there is a good chance of the world ending in 2012 -- here it is 2 years later, obviously the world didn't end, yet they still air and attract advertisers.


Duh! The world *did* end... you were just one of the people that 'made' it. Don't you know how many people died on 12-21-12? Well, me neither... but at least "we" made it! yayyyyy

"Have you been cheese nachos?"