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DB Cooper - Statute of Limitations

I decided to watch this episode on the internet, after the FBI released details that they're looking into a new lead on DB Cooper. Scott, the attorney on the show, tells Kenneth Christiansen's supposed accomplice that the statute of limitations has run out. According to wikipedia's reference to an article in 1996 in the Oregonian, the statute of limitations has not run out on DB Cooper.

Does anyone know if this would also apply to any accomplices he may have had? That they didn't state on the episode that the statute hasn't run out on DB Cooper while discussing the statute of limitations to the accomplice seems not thorough, like most of the episode.

Indeed, as other posters have said, it seems like they come to a conclusion, then drive home points they make to try and prove that. No scientific method whatsoever, just unintelligent entertainment is presented. I watched the show to see what more info they had to present, which was just a dumbed-down version of what's on the internet.

On a separate note, some of the surprised faces the "experts", especially Buddy, make on this episode remind me of faces John Belushi made in Animal House, I think when he's trying to cheer up Flounder after they wreck his car. Where's MST3k when you need it? :)



In 1976 discussion arose over impending expiration of the statute of limitations on the hijacking. Most published legal analysis agreed that it would make little difference, as interpretation of the statute varies considerably from case to case and court to court, and a prosecutor could argue that Cooper had forfeited immunity on any of several valid technical grounds. The question was rendered moot in November when a Portland grand jury returned an indictment against "John Doe, aka Dan Cooper", in absentia for air piracy and violation of the Hobbs Act. The indictment in effect formally initiated prosecution of the hijacker that can be continued, should he be apprehended, at any time in the future.