I knew she would win and that the judge's WOULD take into account their past songs...even though they said it's about their current song only. "My Religion" is NOT a platinum hit- it's more of an alternative gospel song and I can't see many people actually getting into it. Is she a great song writer? She's okay- but this song was a miss.


Agreed. I didn't think the song was anything special.

But I kinda felt that way about all of them. What the judges thought was so great seemed pretty humdrum to me. But I'm glad she won, nevertheless.


Sonyae was a pretty big favorite going into the finale, no big surprise that she won. I'm not disappointed that she won but I hated how she turned on the waterworks in her final say. Jes, had a much better final speech than both Sonyae and Scotty although it was a little too wordy. I doubt any top 40 stations would play Sonyae's final song even though I think it's a good song, Jes' song on the other hand would get some airtime.. scotty's song.. blah. No one would play that and plus that was the second song he wrote with a gay theme.

Either way, this show was really not that good because they weren't really looking for a songwriter they were looking for someone they could market and Sonyae fit the bill. If they do another season (which is highly unlikely) they have to get rid of the record deal part and just offer a publishing deal only and the 100 grand + music equipment, otherwise I won't watch it.


Congratulations to Sonyae, her body of work determined her win and I think she's going to be a welcome addition to the music scene with her deep lyrics and hot delivery!


The record deal part of this show was ridiculous, they should have kept it to songwriting only. That being said, none of the final three songs were that good IMO.


If what I have posted offends you in the slightest, please press Alt+F4.


I can't think of one person who deserved to win more than Sonyae. I think Sonyae is a masterful lyricist and concept person. I hope she takes Jewel's advice to learn at least one instrument. When she does that and works on her melody she will be unstoppable.

As for the songs Friday... I was very moved by the brilliant concept and lyrics behind My Religion. The idea that love is just as hypnotic as religion is unique and compelling. I didn't like the melody or the music that much (I also didn't like the background singers adding gospel flavor. This should not in anyway be a gospel song, despite Kara's bad advice. Religion is a metaphor here and should not be pandered to literally. There is nothing lyrically about this song that makes it gospel. I'm even glad that Sonyae told the musician she didn't want it to be too much like R&B, but alas it was. This is why she needs to learn to play an instrument)

I'm an idea person... so I was drawn to the ideas in the song...and she had killer lyrics. Not just a few brilliant lines, but tons of very unique and compelling word choices.

I can think of several top artists right now who need to hire Sonyae stat because they have powerful voices and/or presence but weak, weak songs with terrible lyrics and trite concepts. One can ramp up a song's music and melody, but if the concept is mediocre (re:Jess), the song is nothing.

So, if Sonyae should not have won.. who? Jess? LOL. She is a dime a dozen. There is nothing terribly unique about the way Jess thinks or puts songs together. I thought she had OK lyrics, considering her lyrics are usually terrible, whiny and immature, but I think her concept for "come alive" was just a downgraded expression of "Love Me to Life" by Sonyae. Both of them deal with the concept of love/romance resurrecting someone; only Sonyae did it much better with a memorable and unusual perspective.

Scotty is musically and melodically heads and shoulders above Sonyae, but his concepts are muddled and never fully refined, same with his lyrics. Without the behind the scenes look, I wouldn't even fully grasp the themes of Scotty's songs because they are not that cohesive. (Oh, and yes... Beautiful You did recall Bruno Mars way too much!!! That was a huge artistic violation. Had he not simulated Bruno Mars, Scotty likely would have won. But they couldn't reward that in a contest about originality).

Anyway, I'm thrilled for Sonyae. I'm always astounded by the way her mind thinks. To be profound and yet accessible and minimal is very, very hard for a writer and it seems to be a natural part of Sonyae's personality. She delivers consistently. She has the mind of a gifted writer for sure. I want to emphasize that for people trying to detract from her win. Yes, she will need to hook up with a great musician but she is the concept and lyrical queen.

I think it says a lot that even Nick thought Sonyae's song was the best.


Here's Jewel's blog on the finale: -you

I agree with this quote by Jewel:

I really thought Sonyae deserved the win. There are a lot of writers who can write catchy melodies or chords, but it is rarer to find a strong concept writer. Concept makes a song stand out on the radio. ... Think of "You're So Vain," or "Yesterday," or "Viva Las Vegas" or "Free Fallin'" --- all of them are so different, but so complete in a concept that they stick with you for generations.


I'm not saying she didn't deserve to win, I'm just saying that if they were, as they told so-and-so, judging them based on their most recent preformance she should not have won. Jess' song had the most commercial top something appeal, but overall she was pretty weak throught the contest- which is why she did not win.


So, if Sonyae should not have won.. who?

I didn't mind that Sonyae won but technically speaking, I'd have to say Brian, Johnny and Jackie are better "songwriters" than Sonyae. And since this show was supposed to be about songwriting, I'd say one of these people should have won. But again, I don't mind that Sonyae won because she fits into what they're looking for. It didn't really matter what the viewing audience thought about it because they had their mind set on picking a certain "type" of performer and not necessarily a songwriter. If it would have been up to the viewers, Johnny, Jackie or Brian would have won.


Definitely. Scotty should have one.


I think Scotty is the most melodic and musically gifted of them all, but he needs work when it comes to lyrics. To me melody is more important than lyrics, cause its melody that makes a song good even when you don't know the language. But Sonyae deserves the win, cause she is good with lyrics, concept, and excellent at coming up with catchy hooks. The previous episode her hook "To the exit, to the exit" is a good example of how to get a song stuck in people's heads after one listen. And catchy hooks are important in Pop/R&B/Hip-hop. Sonyae fits in today's music environment and radio hits, and I can see her writing songs that fits Rihanna, Beyonce, Kesha, Nicky Minaj and Gaga for example. That's why a label would want someone like Sonyae writing for them cause she can collaborates and come up with catchy hooks and hits. She's young and talented, and she stayed focused and worked hard for her win. Good for her.

Jes tried in the finale, and I liked the melody of the chorus of her song, but the rest just seemed all over the place. I see her more like a singer, than a song writer. Or she's more of an Indie singer/songwriter type. And I can see her writing simple/fluffy songs for TV shows or commercials, but not radio hits. I think Johnny that she was romancing deserved the third spot after Sonyae and Scotty, but he screwed his opportunity with his issue with Nick and wrote an average song that got him eliminated. I don't think Brian could have won or make it past top 3. His focus was on coming up with beats and playing the keyboards. He wanted to win so bad though, he would throw others under the bus in front of the judges, but Jess did that to him too and he got eliminated.