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film is a straight copy/remake od 'The Last of Sheila'

I liked this movie a LOT better when it was called 'The Last Of Sheila' - a 1970s Hollywood murder mystery also set on a yatch with a lot of genuine twists. Sheesh, our Bollywood copymasters will lift ANYTHING!


you think people in India will have seen The Last of Sheila that was made in 1970's that YOU think this is copied off...NO? me either, so shut your whining


LOL! Indians copy EVERYTHING - If Indians can copy parts of movies like 'How The West Was Won' and 'Once Upon A Time In The West' and turn it into an Indian film like 'Sholay', If they can turn 'Reservoir Dogs' into "Kaante', if they can turn an arthouse hit film like 'The Professional' into 'Bicchoo',if they can even turn a foreign flick like 'Oldboy' into 'Zinda', then I'm pretty sure that they can take an obscure 70s murder/mustery with a good twist and then turn it into the mess that is 'Game' - The only 'Game' played here is with the wallets of gullible moviegoers!

P.S. This forum/message board is a TRUE democracy (not a SHAM one like the one currently in India) so don't ask people NOT to post you little fascist ...



LOL! I actually happen to be Indian myself - so anyone who defends flop Abhishek Bachchan (an actor who has had so any flops that even Pritish Nandy, who is an Advertising guru badmouthed him at a party in Mumbai recently!) movies by labelling the poster a'paki bastard' is obviously full of manure!

Another inbred heeendu whining on these boards! Please run like a dog to Muslim countries like Malaysia? Malaysia had a no-passport policy for Indians until they realised that over 36,000 Indians visited them - and didn't go back after their visas expired! Are you going to claim that they are 'infiltrators' like you do with Pakistani and Bangladeshi visitors? And they say that India is supposed to be a superpower!

Nuke? a LOT of India's nukes are on land with dangerous seismic activity - they are more likely to poison themselves in the event of a catastrophe like the one that happened in Japan recently! And while I sympathise with the protestors (The BJP essentially poisoned Pokhran with it's nuclear tests - they can declare a nuke test but cannot plant ONE street lamp to give poor people electricity) we need nuclear power to compete with the energy needs of our growing economy (and growing population - which WILL become a PROBLEM and NOT an asset once

Listen: It's beeeeyaaatches like you that have ruined the name of India on these boards - your kind whine like dogs, post any rubbish you canon people who disagree with you and then complain when you wind up losing the argument (which is quite often!) - oh, and don't expect anything positive from you - that would be too much!

You're right about my country being 'worthless lil' but unfortunately it's India - and it's worthless as people like you populate it .....


okie so LET rewind to the part about hindus being inbred...

I have no idea what the other idiot posted, coz its been deleted, but isnt it time we got over religion ?

'indians have ZERO imagination in filmmaking', that is mostly true, some filmmakers are trying to make it, to make decent films, but we donot let people with REAL talent into the industry, that place is for backstabbing hypocrits and evil sex maniacs!

so obviously the films TOO showcase how bad our film industry is becoming...

some notable filmmakers are dibaker banerjee, amol gupte, even farhan has some talent...

but idiots like sanjay gupta and david dhawan and anees bazmee spoil our name

I wonder how long before they copy inception ?

An Idea is the most resilient parasite - Inception


Well, thanks for mentioning 'The Last Of Sheila' because your post made me rent it and I really liked it.

But honestly, I would NOT go as far as to call it a copy or a remake. Yes, they both start with a woman being hit by a car, but that could still be a coincidence. And they both have a group of people being invited to a location (in one they are strangers who are connected and in the other they are already acquainted) --but that's been done before in MANY mysteries. From there they are very different films.

'Game' is very typical of it's genre. I couldn't pinpoint to be a remake of one film in particular, but I did see the influence of many films that have come before it. (The way the murder was committed was in at least two Agatha Christie books/movies.)