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Just finished watching this movie....

And I have to say I found it to be a very enjoyable movie. It was touching in places and very atmospheric. The set pieces and the wardrobe the cast had on and music all blended together perfectly. I am glad myself that the movie opted for a more storytelling route than the graphic violence way a lot of movies go.

Three scenes were made to maybe tug at the heart strings. The first was where we see a German soldier shoot himself in the head because he couldn't go through with the gassing of a van full children. Then in that same scene we see the smoke filled van and all the kids hands banging on the window as they are being gassed.

The second scene was where Karel goes back to his home village after four years in jail. All he find is a massive empty field where the village once stood. It was gone nothng what so ever was left of the place he once knew. I can but imagine what was going through his mind during that scene. The shock of the village gone and all the memories of the place would drive home that shock more.

The third scene is where (at the start) we see Karel lying on the grass not moving. It doesn't make much sense that at the start. But at the end of the movie it makes perfect sense indeed. It's the place where one of his sons was bured in a mass grave by the Germans. The movie was very well made indeed.

I am pleased with the purchase of the DVD I made from Asda two days ago.

Well done to everyone involved in the making of it. Cast and crew alike.


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Hi.I am in Iowa in the U.S. I hope that you have this movie and can make me a copy.I have family from the Lidice area and in neighboring Russia.I would be happy to pay for a copy.Do you have the movie in region 0 or in region 1?Thank you. [email protected]