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Just watched again - new favorite scene

The scene towards the end, Mr. & Mrs. Bishop in bed. It's perfect. We get hints throughout the film that they have a bad marriage but it's not until the latter part of the film that we see how truly fractured it is. Great acting on both parts and the music is perfect.


I love it! The music, the lines, the comedy which is informed by pain...
It has in my opinion one of the best lines of Anderson's whole oeuvre ("We're all they've got" / "That's not good enough"). It's like the key to all of his characters with parental issues.

Last watched: Cabaret (8.5/10), The Butler (4/10),


I don't think they have a bad marriage, I just think they're 2 ppl who probably aren't in love who are. They cohabitate fine enough, not fighting or being complete opposites, she's just merely crushed on the policeman instead.
For what it's worth, I think we see that with the 2 beds, yet in same room next to one another. I think that's their marriage in a nutshell- they could've slept in completely different rooms apart or even buildings on their lot.

Keep in mind, it's set in 1965, on isolated island. essential 50