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There was a poll...........

that decided who Victoria would end up with, and Osvaldo lost 70/30 in Herbierto's favor? I know Cesar Evora is extremely popular, and has been paired with Victoria Ruffo, twice(?) before, but.................REALLY?! I knew something was up when Cesar Evora's supposed short-term role was extended in rapid form, but I never thought it was due to a viewers' poll. It's extremely puzzling as I have yet to read a single, viewer's, post, who is happy that Victoria and Dr. Everywhere/Miracle Worker/Intruder were the 'endgame.'

I felt bad not only for the character ''Osvaldo'', in getting the shaft, but also his portrayer, Osvaldo Rios. His character lost the woman he loved, and is losing his family to the 'good' doctor (despite his unbelievable protests of the opposite, to Osvaldo and Osvaldo's family) Osvaldo Rios' last scene was on the phone (on the day of his character's, beloved, only son's wedding), seemingly banished.


Over at the novela forum I'm active on nobody is happy about this. We think it might be partly about issues between Ruffo and Rios that happened in this production and it could also have been an attempt at raising low ratings.

This novela has suffered from some very bad writing with too many inconsistencies and poor attempts at comic relief. I hope the producer gets fired.

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My friend told me of this. I was surprised, like really, it's called "Truinfo Del Amor", they should have stayed together.

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