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Some things need clearing up (guatemalans, the money etc)


Guatemalan subplot - Was the way that it went down, as follows?:
1. Guatemalan Hit Team kills Pyro by putting his RV on train track.
2. GHT kills neck by pinning him to ceiling.
3. GHT kills Tripod.
4. GHT tries to kill Lizzy and Sug...but they kill the GHT, dispose of the bodies and then plant their fingerprints ..... wait a minute...what?

There was some BS about the Guatemalans being dead for a week, but we clearly saw them kill Tripod, one of them was even killed by a booby trap (body discovered by Arnie).
This whole thing was confusing.

Making kill 1 look like an accident but kill 2 as an obvious murder:
Pyro is killed in his RV, made to look like an accident.
But then the second kill (and ones after that) they don't try to make them look like accidents.

Leaving a bullet - Arnie took the money... but why does he leave a bullet to taunt the team (he's not an a-hole, he just needs the money)?

Buying info from the mexican police - Arnie pays something like $10 mill for info on the guy who killed his wife.
A) Why didn't he just beat the crap out of the cop for the info (not like he played by the rules).
B) The cop could have given him anyone's file (the guy on video has face covered, and his hair looks different).
C) If the info on the killer was on file.... couldn't a DEA agent request this info from the mexicans.

Torturer's death too easy - Was I the only one who thought the death of the guy that tortured his wife to death....was too easy? I thought there would have been a torture scene by Arnie in return. Going through all that BS to get to that point and a simple bullet to the head.

Why bother hiding Monster's body - Why did Lizzy even bother trying to hide Monster's body in the refridgerator? Couldn't have bought her any fact probably killed more time. There was a pool of blood which was a dead giveaway along with her