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What's with all these gay characters?

Don't get me wrong, I do not have a problem with homosexuality, but I've just watched episode 6 of the 3rd season and I feel that the having those 2 characters coming out as gay is forced and unnecessary for moving the plot forward (same with the latest Star Trek).
I feel that the producers / writers are just trying to score "look how progressive we are" points.


Agreed with the point scoring theory. Same as ST, which I stopped watching due to the political BS.


I have no problem with the weird nose guy coming out as gay, nor meeting a cowboy type who was previously not in the plot. Works OK in the story, especially regarding neutral zone.

I do agree that Simon Pegg (Scotty in reboot) making Sulu gay when it was his turn to write a plot is PC. George Takei (Sulu in TOS) who actually is gay in real life was *against* making his old character gay because it wasn't the original writer's intent.

I suppose they could backpedal and pretend that the guy presented as Sulu's life partner is actually his brother or something, after all they're both ethnic Asians. (BTW, Sulu was itself an odd name for a character of Japanese descent because Japanese has no L in its language.)


There is a scene where he in public shoots someone in front of everyone.


There is a powerful lobby that forces the inclusion of more and more gay characters in TV and movies, that's why so many of these characters seem to pop-up for no discernible reason, gotta meet the quotas...


The gay characters are there for the same reason the jewish characters are there. The Nazis gassed them also. Plus it points out hipocricy and self hatred of the Nazis as top planner of the final solution Reinhard Heydrich was gay and of course Hitler was part Jewish. I think you are wrong on the lobby point. All of the persecuted groups of the Nazis are repped out. Since there were no Gypsies (also gassed) in North America they were replaced by all non Aryans which included blacks, Native Americans, and mixed race in the phase 5 plans uncovered by Helen in season 4 near the end.


You could make that argument/point.

But, as others have pointed out, "agenda furthering" is taking place in several other shows/movies.

The whole strategy is to make sexual aberration more and more common so that it is more and more accepted in today's society and culture.

It's the same strategy as "Story Time at the Library" with transexuals and cross-dressers. Get the kids "programmed" early to make them more accepting and less informed as to the aberration of the same.



You are correct.

One of the definitions of "Homophobia" is that the person believes there's a "gay agenda" and of course there is! That's why it's part of the definition.

Almost everyone has an "agenda" to promote themselves in some way and the more fucked up you are, them more passion you have for your agenda. Serial killers promote themselves and you would think that they wouldn't want to but they are very motivated to push their personal propaganda. A nice person wants people to think of them as nice and treat others nice, they are pushing a personal propaganda.

There are a LOT of homosexuals in the media and they are pushing an agenda. They are weirdly obsessed with ONE PART of their being, like immature children, and constantly focus on it. Most heterosexuals past the teen years stop obsessing about sex and relationships and settle on bigger issues. Homosexuals do not and so we have "gays" in many TV shows and movies when they are like 1% of the population.

I watch the various DC superhero shows from the CW and there's like 80 gay and trans characters when the average show is about alien invasions or some plot to destroy the world. They don't belong there, but someone is compelled to insert them into stories in a way that's fairly irrelevant.

Supergirl has a alien trans superhero and all of that has nothing to do with anything. No one at work or if I'm in the middle of a crisis asked me about any of that.