On Netflix as of this posting

Just finished watching this, WOW! This was nearly as impressive as Carol herself! I never knew of her black ancestry. Before this was mentioned, I immediately came to that conclusion the moment I saw the photo of her parents. It was clear (to me anyway) that her father was black. As I understand genetics, daughters usually take on characteristics of their father and of course sons tend to resemble their mothers. Not always, but quite often....regardless, I believe dear reader understands the point.

This accounts for Carol's wonderfully unique looks. Before someone jumps down my throat, this is a simple observation and is not to be construed to be anything other than that. There's NOTHING between the words to decipher so spare me the racial barbs blah blah blah.

Carol, you're still loved and appreciated and I'm glad that you were finally able to get together with Harry!

R.I.P. Harry