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Finally saw and gotta agree with critics

In the Oscar lead up, there seemed to be a lot of articles pointing out the differences in opinion between the film reviewers and the movie going public. Over on IMDB, user reviews are packed with 10/10s.

I gotta say the critics were right about this... it's an entertaining enough movie. But Best Picture calibre? Best actor? I don't see it.

i. The bad wig and the bad teeth.

Man, were those distracting! Mercury had an overbite across his top teeth. Malek's prosthetic was more like beaver teeth and sometimes they distorted his jaw to the point where he looked deformed. Plus he had this habit of working his lips around them like he couldn't get comfortable with them. That just overemphasized how goofy they looked.

ii. The CGI here and there was distracting. It's mostly the mismatched lighting that gives it away. How can this not be done right in this day and age? The Live Aid swooping aerial shots looked bad... if they can't nail the CGI, directors should look to other techniques to get the scene across.

There was another scene... Mercury looking out a window to a city below.

iii. Malek just didn't convey the physical presence of Mercury. Google tells me he was only marginally shorter than Mercury so it may have had more to do with his sleight build. He had the stage moves down, but he didn't nail Mercury's sense of self-aware and mischievous theatricality.

A couple of monologues were well done, but Malek had one expression for every situation. (Maybe it was the teeth?) In recorded interviews, Mercury was a pretty animated speaker.

iv. I can't comment on the veracity of the story since I only know the broad strokes. But, within the movie, Mercury is a blank. Scenes like how he connects with his future bandmates and how he and Prenter become involved are presented quickly, like a checklist had to be completed. The Wikipedia article on Mercury is more interesting and compelling to read than anything presented in the movie.

The two pluses though: The fact that it accurately revealed that all the band members were important to the writing and production of the music, not just their front man.

The fun bit with Mike Myers.

v. Critics were put off by the way that Mercury's homosexuality was toned down with a couple of obligatory scenes that lightly touched on it. Can't say I noticed that... I thought it did an okay job of displaying it overall, but it does seem to come out of nowhere partway through the movie. The movie also never really explains why he and Jim Hutton became so close. That whole relationship was reduced to two scenes.

I suspect that it was the Live Aid performance scenes that overwhelmed film goers causing them to overlook the flaws of the previous two hours and give this movie glowing reviews.


Interesting bit of trivia from IMDB:

Part of the singing vocals for Malek/Mercury in this movie were provided by Canadian singer Marc Martel. I'm Canadian and years ago I saw a video of him singing a Queen song. Along with many, many other fans in the comments sections of the video, we encouraged him to compete in a competition put on by the remaining members of Queen to find a new lead singer for their upcoming tour. Martel won the competition and went on tour with the band. He still tours with them periodically.

He now incorporates some of Mercury signature stage moves into his act -- kind of awkwardly I think -- but he's light years better than their regular current frontman, Adam Lambert. Check out his vid on youtube at and see how much he sounds like Mercury:


Marc sang in the cover band The Queen Extravaganza put together by Roger Taylor and Brian May which is the contest he entered and won; Marc has not played with the actual Queen on tour (only on American Idol), yes Queen Extravaganza are still touring and are currently on tour but Marc left that band and was replaced by Alirio Netto. Marc is now with a Queen Cover Band he formed in 2017 called The Ultimate Queen Celebration (officially endorsed by Queen), who are also touring and I know will be here in Australia in August, that tour kicks off on April 02nd in Green Bay Wisconsin.

The Ultimate Queen Celebration: Full Concert in Miami from December 2018:

American Idol (actual Queen part kicks in at 2:50):

About Marc:
About The Ultimate Queen Celebration:
About The Queen Extravaganza:


Good to know. Thx for this...


Martel is amazing.


Good points. As for Mercury's teeth. I watched the real Live Aid performance with Freddy, who killed it, but his teeth are unreal. Beaver-like, I'd say horse-like. I could not stop staring at them. I thought the prosthetic teeth were actually (in retrospect), pretty reasonable.


Yeah. They had to do something. The teeth were such a Mercury trademark.


I agree. It was mildly entertaining. Rami Malek was okay but I don't think he would have gotten a nomination if he didn't look like him. I thought the actor who played Brian May was better. I agree with you about his teeth. In the film he had buck teeth but Freddie Mercury had large, crooked teeth.


I thought Gwilym Lee's Brian was better than Rami Malek's Freddie.
"Brian" was the movie for me.
However, I enjoyed all 4 of them greatly!


I sort of agree, I thought Malek was awesome, but I've developed a bit of a crush on Lee's Brian May.

And the real Brian May. How can you not be attracted to a genuine hard-rockin' scientist?


It’s mostly the live aid concert that made overlook the flaws of the film but not only that concert. the we will rock you scene and the beginning credits with somebody to love were very good as well

Let’s better say the music made us overlook the flaws of the film.

It’s just so energetic and full with good vibe that you forget everything else. It’s explosive it’s fun it makes you want to listen to Queen all day.

I can tell you I listened to Radio Gaga like a 100 times right after watching this film and watched the live aid concert another 100 times


Radio Ga Ga is one of my favorite Queen songs. Had a Queen LP that had nothing but Radio Ga Ga mixes on it. It's somewhere in my collection I think. Video was good too! The movie version was great also.


It’s one of those songs which no matter what get you on a very good mood and makes us happy listening to it.


Was it the 12 inch Single with an extended version, single version and instrumental version? I have that.


Yes, I finally saw this over the weekend as it premiered on HBO. Liked it well enough, it wasn't spectacular by any means but I thought it was a decent movie. I'm not the #1 Queen fanatic, never was although I did love the band so I'm not going to nitpick on this & that like many of you. Again it was a good movie & many Queen fans should be glad it's made.

Jesus, did you see the "Live Aid" scene? Wall to wall people! How the hell were you able to get to the bathroom if you needed to go? Heck if you could even USE it with that many people around. Sheesh! Being in the center of something like that is just not my thing.

Now I'm looking to see "Rocketman" & see what that's like.


You'll be disappointed in Rocketman. The scoring of the music in Rocketman was great, but the singing was below average. Now while it was a nice idea in Rocketman to do a type of Viva la Blackpool type movie, it missed the mark. Was too boring in some parts where the movie could have been cut and lost none of the story but developed a better pace... Then there is the homosexual bits, Bohemian's homosexual bits were properly done, enough you knew what was going on, but not dwelling on them like you were trying to make a gay porn movie. Rocketman seemed to dwell on them much longer than was necessary as if they were making the movie to appeal to fans of hairy men rolling around together... Not something I wanted to pay money to see, but hey I'm sure there a small minority of viewers that will get off on that part.


I agree.

Overall, I thought it made a decent cheezy made for TV movie.

And why recreate the Live Aid performance when you can watch the real thing anytime on Youtube?

On the other hand, I was never much of a Queen/Freddie fan to begin with.

I saw them at MSG in 77 and left underwelmed.


Spot on about the CGI. Really quite poor. Better off without it.


Now that Bohemian Rhapsody is on heavy rotation on movie channels, I've watched it a few times. Quite agree with other comments about the artificiality of Rami's teeth and wigs. He seemed to be overdoing the teeth thing by repeatedly trying to clench his mouth to make it look like Freddie, but result is a distraction. The movie struck me more as a tribute than a documentary, and it that capacity it's fairly heart-warming, especially the Live Aid segment at the end. Ah, but I could re-watch that 100 times on YouTube and would be the real deal. Overall it's around the 6-7/10 mark, not Oscar material. Also, I've binge-watch the HBO mini-series "The Pacific" a bunch of times, so when I watch Bohemian Rhapsody I couldn't help but think "hey there's PFC Eugene Sledge on bass and PFC Merriell 'Snafu' Shelton on lead vocals". At least good they didn't go with Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie because that wouldn't have worked at all.