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Would Queen be as popular now if they weren't gay?

I am of two minds on this. One, this stuff is pushed with marketing. There is not a single Fortune 500 corporation that does not fly the rainbow flag. Now that's really amazing because normally business stay out of political issues because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by alienating people. You did not see top businesses taking a stance against the Iraq war for instance, or against bank bailouts. Couldn't one have prided itself on not taking bailout money? No, we get rainbow flags. It's shoehorned into every movie and TV show. It feels like sexual harassment.

On the other hand it could just be part of the trend of rehashing old culture because our modern culture is so terrible. White hipsters seem to like a lot of 80's music and tv shows now, and activities like cycling, all this SWPL that is free of the POCs and LGBTs ironically. Is Queen SWPL?



Good one, Mina!😄👍




You sound pathetic.

Shoehorned into every movie and TV Show

You know --- there are gay people in the real world - there is no shoehorning just representation.
Maybe you think it is a lot, but only because gays were underrepresented for decades or even centuries
- because it was a tabu.
Hopefully new generations won't see gays in the media as an agenda or shoehorning but just as part of everyday life.


What percentage of the population is homosexual? I want to know how retarded you are.


Yeah. I should have known I was wasting my time answering someone like you.

Have a nice hateful Life.


You came here to insult me.



Fingers crossed.


If it is all marketing because Gay is the thing then the Village People, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Culture Club and The Bronski Beat to name but a few should reform and tour stat and get those big dollars coming in. Plus that means Franz Ferdinand came around at the right time and Henry Rollins must be loving it, perhaps a Black Flag reunion should be on the cards as well (or a Rollins Band one).

Personally I highly doubt it is because of marketing, then I live in Australia where Queen never lost the market like in the USA so I may have a slightly tainted view of it.


If there's white male privlidge, how are there white male homeless people?


Not sure about White Male Privilege myself, think it is an oversimplified term when people mean White Class Privilege, as in jobs for the boys and etc., which often doesn't extend down to the fast disappearing middle-class.

As for the homeless they're all probably war veterans that the different Governments over the decades have ignored once they returned home, plus maybe some of the emergency workers who got ill after 9-11 and got no help from those same Governments. Maybe some of the factory workers who lost their jobs because it was easier to turn a profit using robotic manufacturing equipment, even the Coal Mine companies sacked thousands to automatise the factories. Even the trucks and what not in those places and other mining interests are being replaced with self-driving ones and workers laid-off, especially in the ‎Minerals and Resources sectors down here in Australia

Edit: Tin-Foil Hat On.

Basically the War Veterans and Emergency Workers are there because they don't get any privileges, they just get used like they are cattle that can be replaced and put to one side once their usefulness is up. In some ways the Governments and Corporations target and use the people with the mind set to join up in a very similar way to Religious Cults, they're just a means to an end.



White privlidge doesn't meant there aren't white homeless, and promoting something because it is homosexual doesn't mean anything that's homosexual gets promoted. It's called tokenism. That's the analogy.


You left out one of my favorites, Mott The Hoople, but I admire how many other gay bands that you named.

By the way, I am as straight as they come, but, aware as I am, I don’t care about a band’s sexual preference. My father was a musician. He played trumpet for, composed and arranged for The Dorsey Brothers Big Band in the 40s. He taught me to respect all
bands and musicians, and to show them my respect and gratitude.


Excellent band and yeah who gives a toss, who wants to go back to the days where the likes of Rock Hudson, James Dean and etc., had to hide their sexually, best day will be when no-one has to come out of the closest because no-one cares any more (sadly at 58 now I won't see it).

When I saw Bohemian Rhapsody the entire audience was in it through all the ebbs and flows and the reactions where fantastic. In the scene where Freddie is being hounded by the press about his sexually, most of the audience groaned and when he said "we have a record out you know, talk about that" half the audience applauded and others said yes loudly (showed a difference between the public then and now). Even I was well into it and it wasn't until after it was over that the way the timeline was played with it started to play around in my mind as how overly sensationalised it was. Basically as a movie that took you on a journey and kept your attention it was fantastic, in the end it was like taking a sugar hit where the come down hits you later (ye olde saying of it left a sour taste in my mouth in other words), not a film for repeated viewing for mine really.


Did the audience cheer when Freddy Mercury killed his own lover with AIDS, or when he broke the embargo against Aparteid South Africa? How does the press even know he's homosexual to begin with? They can't even decide if John Travolta is homosexual or not. It sounds like you like homosexuality and identity politics more than the music from what you choose to highlight. It's okay. Some people like rock stars for their tight pants.


Was a fair bit of silence during the apartheid part, for my part I was a bit annoyed during it as they played it as they'd only go if the venue wasn't segregated and like they were champions of getting rid of it, when the audience wasn't segregated at all. One of the many things that as the film was over started to play on my mind like I said above, if you watch the documentary Queen: Days of Our Lives from 7 years earlier you will see a very different picture is painted.

The Live Aid concert and going to South Africa kind of turned me off Queen a bit at the time as I'd seen them earlier on in that year (April 1985) here in Australia and really only learnt that they'd done the South Africa thing around the time they did that tour here (news travelled slower back in 1985). So basically later in Live Aid when Freddie and Brian came on as a duet is when I cringed a fair bit and started to turn-off them. As "Is This the World We Created?" took issue with disease, suffering and human evil in general but no lines about anything they may have seen in South Africa in October 1984 (9 months before).

As for Freddie and his aids condition, for one he didn't know he had it until 1987 (he tested negative in 1985 positive in 1987), which was 2 years after Live Aid so you can't go by that from the film in thinking he slept with anyone knowingly and passed it on as it was incorrect info. Even if it wasn't incorrect info, it wasn't until Rock Hudson died in 1985 (on Oct 02nd 3 months after Live Aid) that it got some USA national and world attention but still very little was known as Governments ignored it somewhat, in fact in 1990 Ronald Reagan apologised for his neglect of the epidemic while he was president (a year before Mercury succumb to it).


On July 3, 1981, The New York Times published a story by physician and medical correspondent Dr. Lawrence Altman titled ”Rare Cancer Seen in 41 Homosexuals. The cancer was Kaposi’s sarcoma, a tumor caused by a viral infection and characterised by dark spots on the skin. While the disease usually struck older patients and progressed slowly, these 41 cases had appeared in— and were quickly killing — men as young as 26. Doctors were puzzled: The cause of the outbreak is unknown, and there is as yet no evidence of contagion, Altman wrote, noting that the patients had severe defects in their immune systems.

There were few facts to be reported; journalists, like doctors and their patients, knew little about the disease. As one man recalled of his diagnosis for New York magazine in 1983: “He said, ‘You are immune-deficient.’ I said, ‘What does that mean?’ He said, ‘Nobody really knows.

Time Magazine reported in 1985.,33009,1050441-1,00.html

It is the virtual certainty of death from AIDS, once the syndrome has fully developed, that makes the disease so frightening, along with the uncertainty of nearly everything else about it. Despite the progress in medical research so far, huge questions remain about its origin and fundamental nature. In trying to understand AIDS, says Dr. William Haseltine, a leading investigator at Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, we have moved from being explorers in a canoe to explorers with a small sail on the vast sea of what we do not know.

As for Jim Hutton:

Jim Hutton, Freddie Mercury’s partner died on New Year’s Day 2010 from a smoking related illness at sixty years old. Although he had AIDS, Hutton did not pass away from AIDS related complications. When Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS in 1987, he told Jim he would understand if he left, Jim recalls telling him: I love you, Freddie – I’m not going anywhere.

To your last bit are we back in high school or something as it sounds like the petty stuff that is said there, I mean I haven't even come at you once or insulted you in any way (nor will I). I have just been answering the questions you have asked, none of which have anything to do with the music, ask about that and my answers would reflect those questions.




Marketing can not overcome the test of time. Only sheer talent withstands the test of time. If marketing and public relations were all it took to become and remain a star, Angelyne would be a star today.



You don’t know who she was? Then you don’t really know much about the entertainment business, or about art.


First of all thank you for actually addressing my question instead of spewing hatred against me.

You have misunderstood the argument though. I am not saying Queen doesn't deserve fame. I like Queen very much, along with most other classic rock bands. But that is not what is popular today. From the garbage music of today you wouldn't think people would like Queen. Do young people even know who Queen is? Well they do now thanks to this movie which elevated them by choosing them from among many choices.

Your argument is something I hear in regard to movies all the time. People complain about how new movies aren't as good as old movies, and someone always chimes in to say that there used to be a lot of bad old movies we just don't remember them. But the issue isn't the surplus of bad movies it's the lack of good movies. You're focusing on the Queen movie instead of noticing the many many potential movies that don't exist.

"Why" questions are about explainations.


Queen have put themselves out there in the USA with appearances on American Idol, X-Factor, various other USA TV shows and since 2004 toured the USA first with Paul Rodgers taking Freddie's place; then Adam Lambert. Then there's the Roger Taylor and Brian May put together Queen Extravaganza cover band touring and the stage play *We Will Rock You which toured North America in 2013 while also playing in Las Vegas for 3 months in 2004.

*According to Wikipedia:

The North American leg on the We Will Rock You tour covered nearly the whole of the US, corners of Canada and a sold out run in Mexico City at the Auditiorio Nacional. In all, the North American leg of the WWRY World tour included 298 performances, 30 cities, 23 States/Territories, 3 Countries, over 30,000 miles traveled and over a half-a-million people in attendance.

So yeah I believe young people in the USA know Queen via all that work and people doing their songs on The Voice etc., (including The Voice Kids), before becoming part of Queen Adam Lambert was known, so he alone would have peaked interest. See I'm not sure people can be pinned down as much these days, if say the "Talent Shows" have people doing their songs then I believe younger people seek out the originals now via YouTube or Spotify or whatever. Plus you have to throw-in the artists they follow talking up Queen, like say Lady Gaga has over the years to name but one, honestly I think this movie has had a slow build of interest growing since 2004 (basically since they reestablished themselves in the USA).

What will be interesting to see is how the Elton John bio-pic Rocketman goes when it hits cinemas early next year, as I would think Elton John is very well known with interest having been there continuously over his entire career (even if only for spats with Madonna).


My children are 28 and 31 and they have Queen's CD's in their cars. So yes they do.


"They" weren't gay, one of them was. So the fact that you choose to exaggerate by 75% how 'gay' something is, likely runs through the rest of your rant about it being in "every" TV show and movie.

I watched an episode of 'Seal Team' the other day. No gays.
'The Big Bang Theory' was on after that. No gays.
'Homecoming', some random Gordon Ramsay thing, 'The Nun'... sucked, but no gays.

Struggling to see how anyone would feel "harassed" by this, unless you have such a futuristic TV that characters on screen can actually reach out and grab you?


What the heck are you talking about? Men get fired from their jobs for having Dilbert comics in their cubicles. This is sexual harassment a thousand times over.


You said:

"It's shoehorned into every movie and TV show. It feels like sexual harassment."

And now you're talking about people being fired? How are gays on "every TV show" causing men to get fired from their jobs exactly??


Your nuts Thrillhouse, if men get fired for this comic, it's because it can be lude! Keep your lude at home.


Queen is not a "gay band".


Queen would be popular, sure. But no where near what they are today. Same goes for Jimi Hendrix, maybe more so for Jimi.

I've always liked their music. Still do. IMO It wasn't above and beyond everyone else of their time, it was different(Queen definitely had their own sound) and millions(metoo) liked/loved their music.


That's funny. Back in the 80s people thought Fredddie being so apparently gay hurt the band, at least in the US.

Times have changed. For good in this case.